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Replace the lightbulb

Replace the lightbulb

We don’t usually get called out to replace a lightbulb – however when your bulb goes and the replacement you buy also failed to work you can naturally assume that there is something wrong with the light! Read more →

Kitchen Unit Lighting Replacement

Kitchen Unit Lighting Replacement

Today we were out to visit a young professional who had just moved to Bearsden. Their kitchen in their new home needed a bit of attention. Specifically the kitchen unit lights, most of which no longer worked. Read more →

Dimmer switch rewire

Fix-My is often called when something goes wrong and the client no longer knows what to do. As is the case of a client in Bearsden who wired a dimmer switch incorrectly. The result was all the lights being turned on and off from a single switch. Not very useful! Read more →

New light fittings and some shelving

A customer has moved house and needs her retro lights to be fitted in her new home. A simple spot of re-wiring to get the placement right.

Also put up custom shelving units in three cupboards, making them much more user friendly. At least she can put away her things in an orderly fashion now.

Replaced an Extractor Fan Light

Today we replaced an extractor fan light. A fiddly task that can be a bit tricky! We came with the replacement bulb and had it fitted in a short space of time. The client now has a working set of lights on her extractor fan.

Bulb stuck in light fitting

Unable to replace a blub we had a call out to remove the stuck bulb and safely replace it. With Fix-My no job is too small! We are here to help you and should you get stuck with a bulb or anything else you can rest assured that you can call on us.