Fix-My Terms and Conditions of Quotation

Costs are based from entering main entrance to property (ie front door, close entrance or other) to leaving for the final time. Costs are based per man.

Additional costs will be applicable if:
The work location is 7 miles or greater from base.
Parts /material are not included within hourly rate.

Estimated time: Time estimate is based on customers description of job. Accurate information is required to ensure estimate is reasonable.  Information such as ladders required for high ceilings is very useful.

Payment terms: Payment immediately upon completion in cash, cheque or bank transfer.

VAT: All prices are inclusive of VAT at the appropriate current rate.

Exclusions: Unless otherwise expressly stated, the quoted works shall not include (and the quoted price is exclusive of):
– work with asbestos or any other toxic or hazardous substances unless otherwise agreed and confirmed.

Waste disposal: Unless otherwise expressly stated, fix-my will not dispose of any waste from customers premises.

Cancellation: Fix-my will charge a fee of £25 if any confirmed order is postponed or cancelled within 24 hours of start time.

Base: 4 Dodhill Place, Knightswood, G13 3DE