Leaking Water Tank

Fix-My was called out to Jordanhill this week to attend to a leaking water tank in an attic. Water was running from the overflow outlet and causing the client some concern. Read more →

PAT testing for landlords

PAT testing for landlords

Fix-My assists a local Broomhill landlord with the PAT testing for all the portable electrical appliances supplied to tenants. Read more →

Repairing a Garden Blower

The leaves fell rather late this year but a handy garden blower can always make light work of it. However if you only use it once a year you may find it doesn’t work when you get it out! One such client had this experience but called Fix-My instead of buying a new one. Read more →

Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning Gutters

This week we’ve been cleaning gutters – a very important task. Back up gutters will cause leaks and damage to your home. This should be done yearly at the very least. Have you had your gutters cleaned? If not give us a call!

Replaced an Extractor Fan Light

Today we replaced an extractor fan light. A fiddly task that can be a bit tricky! We came with the replacement bulb and had it fitted in a short space of time. The client now has a working set of lights on her extractor fan.

Replacing Oven Seal

Over time your appliances will need a little TLC. We replaced an oven seal today ensuring our client could again properly use their oven.